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  Tofino Bike at the Beach House  

Welcome to The Beach House - Tofino, BC

A place for surfers, film lovers, dog owners, cyclists, and everyone who enjoys sunsets and long walks (or rides!) on the beach. We offer a fabulous selection of over 3000 films, surf-inspired art, cards, and clothing, dog accessories and toys, and everything you’ll need for your day at the beach including bocce ball, Mexican blankets, guitars, bongos, beach chairs, and kites.

Bike Rental Rates:

$20 4 hrs or less

$25 24 hrs

  Long Term Rates Available
  Ask about our special rates for
surf racks, bike trailers,
and bicycles built for two!

Visiting Tofino? Wanna rent bikes?
See you at The Beach House!


Rent a Bike

  Phone: 250.725.2722

Hours & Location

  We are located just off the highway and bike path - between Chocolate Tofino and The Tofitian coffee shop.
1180 Pacific Rim Highway
OPEN DAILY 10am - 10pm


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